The 2015 Callahan Award

Congratulations to the 2014 Callahan award winners: Cassie Swafford from Ohio State University and Jimmy Mickle from the University of Colorado.

Photo by Kevin LeClaire -

Final 2014 Callahan Voting Results:


  1. Cassie Swafford (Ohio State Fever)
  2. Shellie Cohen (North Carolina Pleiades)
  3. Sophie Darch (Oregon Fugue)
  4. Callie Mah (Western Washington Chaos)
  5. Lisa Pitcaithley (California-Santa Barbara Burning Skirts)


  1. Jimmy Mickle – University of Colorado Mamabird
  2. Will Driscoll – University of Texas TUFF
  3. Justin Allen – Appalachian State Nomads
  4. Mike Ogren – Central Florida Dogs of War
  5. Marcus Ranii-Dropcho – University of Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur