2015 Award Winners

Congratulations to Jonathan Nethercutt of UNC Chapel Hill and Alika Johnston from the University of Virginia for winning the 2015 Callahan Award.

The 2015 Callahan Award

Skyd Magazine and founder Charles Kerr are pleased to announce the 2015 Callahan Award. Founded in 1996, the award is named for Henry Callahan, an ultimate player, organizer, and advocate who tragically lost his life in 1982 (for more on Henry, listen to our 2012 podcast with his brother, Jay), and recognizes the most valuable players in men’s and women’s college ultimate.

In the eyes of his or her peers, the Callahan winner is the personification of the ideal ultimate player. Like Henry Callahan himself, players who win the award are recognized not just for their on-field accomplishments, but shine off the field as well. They display superior athleticism, outstanding sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to the sport. The Callahan Award is more than just a trophy: the title of “Callahan winner” bears heavy weight in the world of ultimate, and each winning player carries the designation throughout future seasons of college, club, and beyond, becoming an ambassador for on-field play and off-field character.

Nomination and voting will once again take part with the help of Award partner Ultimate Central. Their platform allows players to use global accounts and a familiar interface to vote smoothly, and helps every candidate gain notice within the community.

On Skyd Magazine, leading up to the College Championships, we will be working to provide the community with insight into contenders for the Award, insight and perspective from many close to the Award - including past winners - and to keep the conversation going.

Callahan Award Dates

  • 4/3/2015 - Nominations Open for Teams/Regional Coordinators
  • 4/24/2015 - Nominations Close for Teams
  • 4/24/2015 - Nominations Close for Regional Coordinators
  • 4/28/2015 - Voting Opens
  • 5/17/2015 - Voting Closes
  • 5/25/2015 - Callahan Winners Announced